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When the cigarette is left standing, the spontaneous combustion is uniform and continuous, but the burning speed is slightly slower. The combustion interface is clear, and there is no tar precipitation. Continue to enjoy it at a normal smoking speed, the balance of smoke is very good, and the taste has continued to maintain the initial feeling. The split filter is a classic one-stage acetate tow filter section. From the color change of the tow, it is easy to see that the focus reduction hole is opened in the first 1/3 of the tow, and the color changes uniformly. After the defocusing hole, the color of each hole is darkened in strips, which is caused by the air intervening in the flow. Spread out the shredded tobacco, the proportion of bright yellow and brown-yellow flue-cured tobacco shreds is relatively large, with a smaller proportion of dark brown air-cured tobacco shreds interspersed with, and no coating or expanded shredded tobacco is seen. Mixed with thinly sliced ​​tobacco stems inside. From the outside of the tobacco, the quality of the tobacco leaves is very good, and the materials used are really enjoyable. I am very surprised by the flavor of the tobacco. The flavor of the material is very shallow, almost imperceptible. The flavor of the entire tobacco is formulated from several tobacco leaf components, which is natural and natural. The flavor is not absolutely dominated by a certain tobacco leaf component Wholesale Cigarettes, and the overall smoker is a natural harmony Feelings. Delicate and fragrant, the charm of mixed cigarettes is vividly displayed. It is a rare experience of playing mixed cigarettes recently. The difference between the blue label and the white label is that the tar content is different, the outer fragrance and the overall flavor consistency are very good, and continue to swallow. After exhaling the smoke again, what the lips and teeth felt this time was a thicker mellow smell. The smell of smoke from the nostrils, the natural dry aroma of aged tobacco. Every time you inhale smoke, you will feel the cohesive properties of the smoke, which will naturally form a stream of air that slides through your throat and into your lungs. When you smoke some fresh cigarettes, when you inhale the smoke, there will be a phenomenon of floating around. When the smoke passes through the throat, you will obviously feel a tightness in the throat, and the phenomenon of scorching air passing by. The impact of smoke after entering the lungs is naturally in a fierce state. Because of this kind of smoke, this kind of taste, the comprehensive satisfaction it brings is somewhat strange. Unlike the normal satisfaction of fresh cigarettes with higher physical and chemical index values, nor the light satisfaction of low-focus cigarettes, the focus brings to the senses a state of ups and downs and changes. The smoke when it first entered the lungs was thick, but when it was about to spray out, it was much more elegant Parliament Cigarettes. What follows is the mellow smell released by the burning of tobacco. This kind of taste, when it reverberates on the lips, teeth, tongue, and throat, the mellowness decreases, and it seems that there is still a peculiar smell from when the box was opened the day before yesterday. A cigarette burns very slowly, and it takes many puffs before it burns to the end of the filter. After squeezing out the cigarette butt, it feels a bit complicated. If it hadn't been for the comprehensive odor emitted from the paper rolls at the time, the tasting process might not be the same as the previous paragraph Marlboro Lights. I still don’t know whether the cigarettes are artificially added to the outside of the cigarette pack during the storage process, or the natural smell of the tobacco.
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