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That man defies spirit ground to looking at old Liao and says:"Star China, you didn't fool me, is he really your boyfriend?"
"Please call my Ms. Lee!"Li Xing Hua rushes in the past, imitating the Buddha had to show that 2 people's feelings was deep to arrive what situation, felt old Liao's hand to say:The appearance that"soldier's soldier, this is ground a families closely related in my house, be called, be called what …… seem to be in the home to squat down university in house to fasten to study ……" intentionally makes a pretense of to can not recall, that man is flustered and frustrated:"Star China!Don't you want to intentionally cause disturbance to be not very good?"
That"soldier's soldier" calls the disgusting Jiao Dia is matchless, old Liao ground chicken skin the pimple dropped 1 ground.
Li Xing Hua this just"suddenly realize":"Soldier's soldier, he calls Xu with the winter, but the Qian laurel science and technology industry company old total son, manage college to study in industry and business in Harvard University in the United States currently.His father and my fathers are good friends."-Old Liao guesses, probably the battle wears the relation of families closely related, so make track for Li Xing Hua wasn't tired of.
Slowly with winter this just color slightly Ji, dynasty old Liao stretch out a hand:"Excuse me, what name?"
Old Liao is just wanting an answer, Li Xing Hua looking at him broken-down clothes, once the eye pupil turn and compete first did introduction:"Slowly with the winter, you listen to, he is my boyfriend Liao learn a soldier, unemployed currently, we are very affectionate."
Slowly almost chased nasal discharges by winter all jet to come and frightened to disgrace a way:"Star China, you how have no taste, sought a bum to be boyfriend?
Although Li Xing Hua's soft breasts gets his arm very comfortable, still would like to be a depressed pawn, so do to deep in sorrowly say:"Star China, I loaf and so have no Zheng for several years to penny money and keep not to live you, we still break up, this slowly what spring summer autumn winter of, you must take good care of star China for me."
Slowly the winter is about to have no a people's son to promise, Li Xing Hua a surprised, heart way:"Good, dare to play this to recruit with me ……"
2 people haven't responded to come over, Liao learns a soldier's anti- hand to entertain Li Xing Hua, the deep feeling in eye is infinite, "star China, hope that our next life decrees by destiny, make me close you one more of ……" an open mouth to expect have already gathered together toward Li Xing Hua.
Li Xing Hua's favour is by hand died the dead crest mouth that lives him, make him not run into himself/herself, the strain is anxious fluster, bite a tooth to loudly say:"Smelly rascal don't touch me!"
This next two people relate to finally reveal his true colors and slowly embrace arm by winter before the chest sneer way:"Is all right, star China, you invited one the irrelevant person come to fool me, I return to tell an uncle and make you can not eat Dou to walk, the quick darling goes to a pleasure ground together with me."
Liao learns a soldier to release Li Xing Hua, don't make an effort at all, otherwise with his energy, that bond maid is all anyway an anti- however, what stuff ground to flick:"Li Xing Hua's classmate, this male looks not bad ah, you play well with him, I don't keep company with."Turn round a to shake an in a flash dynasty to outside walk.
Several seconds of, the brain border of Li Xing Hua computes numerous cause and effect relations, in case of the shield walked, Xu with winter will definitely insatiably greedy, threaten the wedding that the father promises 2 people, marry this man, then when during a lifetime boring rich family wife, this but allow who all thousand times reluctant, Liao learns a soldier is that she is in the whole school among the male teachers and the students choose but the best shield of , if can not produce result, make effort in vain some kind of plans, can not make him walk so!
Go ahead regardless!There is anyway and around no cognitive person!
Li Xing Hua jilts to open slowly with the winter and yells a way to old Liao's figure:"Liao learns a soldier, at enchant an island that night, I had your kid, you so a walk it?Isn't negative the man of responsibility is not!"
Slowly pour by winter soft Tan, Liao learns a soldier dense as a block, Li Xing Hua's half packs one face good family hatred Fu of appearance, the acting skill is higher and extremely high than old Liao, this divagation composer times.
The offense that is really desire to add, what suffer from have no phrase, if six truly reach that kind of role, only afraid have no from distinguish, faint off on the spot, but Liao learns a soldier who also?Face than thick super big bludger in the city wall, be really did to have an accident feeling to come, the Tong arrives board of directors in the school,

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