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The teacher of senior high school whom Zhu Xiang incredibly tries to please tulip like a dog?Want to know a past, am I to want to talk to all have no that with him!"Is an exultation again:"There is still in star China and Mr. Liao so much feelings, Zhu Xiang tries to please my son-in-law to equal to try to please me."Identity conversion, the huge profits is put in front, he gets of possible ratio and Ling Gui company cooperation and the rise decuple, immediately with old father-in-law from reside.
Person be so, be have a little small money of time, give him ten dollars he may see all don't see, but you have to give money 10,000,000, make him eat excrement he willingly, very anxious to consider as the reborn parents to you, Li Zhou Class Gao last 1:00, don't also eat excrement so humiliate, but essentially have no differentiation.
"Go in to talk, this is me ground father-in-law, Mr. Li Zhou, , he is also the general manager of the spring river's Yao Ye company."Liao learns a soldier to say with smile.
The road grants that the Han returns to face not salty the not thin dozen voice receives and is regarded as to do the honor, and then continues to greatly clap the bottom that Liao learns a soldier, the attitude contrasts and shows following upon success or failure, but Zhu Xiang know that Liao learns a soldier to not yet get married up to now, and this person is his Yue Zhang, win sea haughtiness of the very influential and person in the days to come.
"Please, please, in please."Road grants that the Han stretches hand to falsely invite and thinks that here am a certain residence that Liao learns a soldier, Li Zhou however is an accompanying guest just.
Arrive at den to sit quietly, ascend several cup top-class good tea, Zhu Xiang still blows good old Liao and say how him is how young and capable, how how just Gao Ba Dou, keep the sky is rare, ground genius that the human life has no, the language of expression is disgusting, often again return overdo say your this son-in-law to Li Zhous as if Long Feng in the person what what of, Li Zhou after initial stage of not after adapting to, greatly elated, a larger Yi regiment starts to emit at the same time:"What identity is Liao's learning a soldier ?The person who easily orders Zhu Xiang, pleased pick two Luo baskets to bring shame?"
"Father-in-law.The persons whom"Liao learns a soldier old the face call so, " thousand Jias follow all came, you also took out some sincerity, quickly the ground of your company research development the project put out to discuss and see everyone to have cooperative of possibility, there is your son-in-law at, also afraid not?"
Li Zhou silently and in mind rows one ten words:"Wish God to protect, even the fruits sellers all flew a sky, another day I must also put stall, " sees thousand Jia the person of the agreeable heavy weight ascend a door to visit in person, naturally don't dare to neglect and swallowed the saliva of hunger and thirst and took out two business enterprises plan book, give out Zhu Xiang and road to grant Han respectively, the business enterprise plans be not secret, the key figures lead everyones to all have in the company, need not afraid they saw and then walk.
Zhu Xiang freely way:"Is not your company cooperating with Ling Gui's science and technology?"
Li Zhou wishes at this time difficult difficult circumstances to allow blind persons all the beard see, otherwise Lao Tze can't sells a female to beg glory, either, doesn't conceal and says:"Traverse laurel science and technology funds missing, stop halfway a cooperation unilaterally, make me burned."
"Traverse laurel science and technology to also seek your cooperation ground three days later, however the company brand should change to be called thousand Jia when the time comes agreeable group underneath Ling Gui's science and technology, at in sea, thousand Jias the agreeable nothing important could not do."Zhu Xiang tone in deeply strong matchless self-confidence, and then feel to should not put a table in old Liao's in front, added 1:"Also want to depend soldier Ye's instruction certainly."
Li Zhou's blood pressure heats up, the dizziness is giddy, tell an offense, urgently and urgently arrive to a toilet, almost spew out a blood, toward mirror Mao first tooth crack the mouth dance and stamp some kind of, again think:"In a word I delivered, no matter what position this fruits trader is!A son-in-law once put in front of me, but I didn't know to cherish, if the God gave me one more of opportunities, I would give birth to 10,000 daughters to all marry him."
Lead for a long time, mood just slowly recover, hand wall to come out toilet, Zhu Xiang and road grant the face that the Han efficiency is the highest, lays aside old Liao doesn't talk and wears the possibility that plans a book to open a debate right away, and point out among them in the good and bad, also took a fountain-pen to carry on a modification at any time.

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