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When the thunder mountain blood ghost considers, the strength in the hand didn't aware of self ground to loosen some, west shallow language in the door finally can call to make a noise.
She pours be not afraid of death very much, but she frightened dead method like this.
Once saw the Jiang corpse that some harbors produce a slice, those male men and women female's a that are sucked dry a blood ground heel others skin puppet, the shape is really some to frighten a person.If let love of beauty ground shallow language in the western door always is this kind of dead method, also rather throw to her a let her to the knife and put on neck and come to ground by herself simply.
West shallow language in the door cried for help Rao the thunder mountain blood ghost ground thinking, he tooks a look ground in the hand woman, and then see a leaf for autumn, the Hey Hey ground smiled and said:"Originally you know each other."
"Just know today of, isn't very familiar."The autumn of the leaf embarrassedly says.Is just just cheating a somebody else after all incognizant.
"Give me the ring, my Rao she is deathless."The thunder mountain blood ghost indeed as expected has no idea of death or danger in the ground ring body that beat the idea to in the leaf's autumn hand.
Compared with his life safety, obviously the attraction of this ring still has to be a little bit big.
"Release him, I make you walk."The autumn of the leaf is wrinkly to knit the brows, cold the face say.Even if is in the light of the attitude that behavior is responsible for, he cans not give this this kind of negative celestial spirits machine, either.There was this rang for him and absorb Na everywhere Yin spirit, the sky knows his ground fixs for can arrive what extent.
The leaf autumn feels that he or she is specially like a hero, is like Hollywood the yield hero of big slice of inside this time.
This a moment, spider Xia, batman, steel Xia, and superman...etc., all animals or monsters spirits attach a body.
The autumn of the leaf isn't a person is fighting, he represents the whole Hollywood.
"I don't like to say too many useless talks.Give me the ring, I Rao she is deathless."
"Release her.You walk."
"The ring gives I, I put her to walk."
"Forget it.You take her to together leave, ring I take by myself."The autumn of the leaf impatiently says.
The thunder mountain blood ghost Leng after the Leng, originally want to bite off the neck of west shallow language in the door on the spot, but he after once drinking the blood needs a period of time to use to absorb.That time, leaf how may the autumn pass himself/herself?
Trail this woman walks of words, that trouble that isn't more?
The thunder mountain blood ghost suddenly now, oneself the current circumstances is very difficult.
This tortoise Gao son, how say to walk and then walk?Which is a somebody else man like this?
The small face of west shallow language in the door frightens ground very white, this man walked so and left her with is a monster that wants to drink person's blood together?
This time, always shallow language in fearlessly not afraid western door in the sky feared, the bodies are shivering.Toward a leaf ground figure to shout a way for autumn:"The autumn of the leaf, you are a bastard."
"I know."Leaf autumn head also not the time ground say.
West shallow language center of earth in the door inside be like drive what to blocked up, felt that oneself discommodes a good injustice so much.
She doesn't know this injustice what since then, but really exist, and fill the air whole body.
So have never shed tears a ground of oneself for several years, the unconscious unexpectedly had tears to follow cheeks to flow down.
The autumn of the leaf, did he walk so?
Look in the eyes hazy, she sees a leaf for autumn turn round is smiling to her.
She thinks that that is the illusion, this cruelly guy say words that the ground so definitely cuts off, how may turn back to save her again?
But, when eye socket inside that falls behind, she still sees a leaf positive face smile idea ground to looking at himself/herself for autumn, and in hand return
Chasing is golden of pistol.
This is last time leaf the autumn shot stay after killing the gun absolute being Smith of war booty, gun Yue son mother Duo soul gun.The pistol of the gold of leaf's autumn hand inside is mother gun, the son gun in silver white still at his bosom Chuai write.
After got this beautiful pistol, leaf the autumn don't want to put it away ground to stay at nearby.Even if and just is changing while packing, the horse race didn't also give° them to dismantle.This after all isn't own, and these two positions of guns are too big, if show outsider, will definitely ask for otiose bother.
Unexpectedly, this time but the parties ascended use.
The another cause idea confuses the thunder mountain blood ghost on the speech, this monster regularly lives as recluse a deep mountain old wood, and the reaction of head isn't very working either.

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