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They are Wu Lin's superiors, compare to put together ground is boxing feet effort.Who if suddenly take out a gun, will be gone together to laugh at.
Certainly, if put in the peacetime, leaf autumn this gun not necessarily so can harm the thunder mountain blood ghost as well superior like this.Can he is harmed today, the hand inside holds hostage again and makes him have no way rapid ambulation like this, brain again palliation ground short circuit, so this gun got just wear.
Because he is a station at west shallow language in the door after death of, west shallow language in the door the shape of this Niangs Gao Tiao , unexpectedly make the thunder mountain blood ghost holding up the half ground head all to.He only the half arm fall in the outside, the leaf autumn then and directly aimed at target him unique only save ground a have to hand top.
He just turned round, on the other hand for paralyzing opponent, moreover and on the other hand also for give°ing the bullet in the gun to change down.Before son mother Duo soul the gun all use ground is can with explosion ground bullet.This kind of explosion the bullet is commonly a bullet to pack into a drop of mercury or the glycerin in the head.
After the bullet shot.Warhead momentum before the ground will ground in bore that mercury is fierce to throw at the bore of Houpi up.
Although this kind of bullet very inhuman doctrine, this is some to don't in consideration scope of leaf autumn pour inside.He is worried that the bullet explosion will hurt shallow language in the door of west, so need to change into at the time the small white just help him the bullet OX007 for coming back from scheduling to.
A gun projects, the thunder mountain blood ghost ground the whole arm all flew to go out.The result of this gun makes the leaf is also greatly surprised for autumn, this small white returns be really abnormal condition, clearly allow him to schedule to 1 kill to harm dint a little smaller bullet, have never thought the bullet OX007 will be so overbearing.
Regrettable of BE, his marksmanship doesn't have Smith so appear lost in thought go into turn, otherwise, can at the thunder mountain blood ghost ground body tiny earthquake ground moment, a gun exploded his head.
"Do not you still come over?"The autumn of the leaf towards shallow language in the door of west to beckon with the hand.There is no the thunder mountain blood ghost of arm, even if the ability is again outstanding, canning not bring any injury to them, either was afraid.
West shallow language in the door this oneself just now breathe smooth, block the arm of oneself's neck to also disappear.
On the face a pleased, big step the ground run over there to the leaf autumn and rush toward into a leaf a while autumn bosom, tightly embrace his body.
She has already forgotten, oneself's just still scolding him is the words like a bastard.
The stroke that the thunder mountain blood ghost is subjected to today is too many, make him original be not the too intelligent head has brief of shut down.If and leaf the autumn stirringly fight a , oneself fails to also have no what say so much.Hurt be hurt, skill not equal to person.
It happened that this guy resorts to extreme measures, oneself hurt so, and hurt a ground of sparse mile of careless of, that boy even made guns to ascend now, really is make him unwilling.
Wide awoke to come over in the heart world that the thunder mountain blood ghost finally never can believe, that pale face suddenly became a ground of red and red, the originally ugly and matchless face is like also a bottom of monkey.
The thunder mountain blood ghost old grudge ground stares at a leaf autumn, the ground of Zheng Ning says:"I want to die and can't make you like to live, either.You wait to bury along with for me."
Lose a pair of thunder mountain blood ghost of arms to suddenly bite off his/her own tongue, then the tight purse one's lips expect, be like at short of breath ground, two Sais quickly drum get up.
The autumn of the leaf a start to copy shallow language in the door of west to embrace in the hand, run dynasty the distance flee for life.
***, See to come to this monster be playing a life.The energy that the person explodes out while dying is very and astonishing and terrible.And he seems have much of confidence to own last shot, also from not get leaf the autumn carelessly treat.
Safety first!
The autumn of the leaf feels west a shallow language try very hard to run about wildly, the speed completely flicked out.See past from the behind, the leaf of this time the autumn frighten with ground rabbit ground.
Just very short time inside, closing lightly the whole individual of short of breath land mine mountain blood ghost of mouth was like a Chong the spirit real estate ball ground, quickly inflate.If wear ground on his body be not relaxed full-length gown ground words,

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