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It is cold.Penetrate everywhere a ground of cold idea to hit a leaf autumn ground body.
Sunlight bright and beautifully daytime.The autumn of the leaf unexpectedly the jelly ground body shiver.
"The autumn of the leaf.What's the matter with you?Got sick?Good heavens.Your body is best cold."West shallow language in the door's still lying autumn ground bosom is at the leaf.Although across clothes.But can still clearly the emotional stirrings arrive his body ground chill.It is worried ground of to ask a way.
One title, then to ascend leaf that Mou son is for autumn.
West shallow language scream in the door makes a noise, the fact in the moment livinging is too uncanny, what her arriving at this 20 in the last yearses in the world has never experienced.
This is a reality, not comic and animation or novel.The person whom that look in the eyes changes is embracing he or she now, she can feel his temperature and breath.
Carry ground a person so much, suddenly two eyes all became black.Could not see white retina, imitate Buddha eye pupil drive infinite enlarge, then support full the whole eye socket.
Thus the geologic change turns and also really makes people frighten.
The autumn of the leaf imitates a Buddha drive this interjection to wake up with a start, suddenly now bosom existence warmly object.
Imitating the Buddha was a hunger and thirst the quite a few world desert trip suddenly saw headwaters general, the leaf autumn madly hugged tight bosom ground woman, keep Lei ground she facial expression purple red, the breath all changes ground to hurriedly get up.
"The autumn of the leaf, you how exactly?Release me quickly-I will be strangled to death by you."West shallow language in the door loudly yells and strongly struggles.
Wait until she the leaf autumn basically don't listen to now her resist, and embrace her arm still after continuously putting effort, west shallow language in the door finally realized the crisis that oneself faces.
"Help.Help."The energy of west shallow language in the door is too small, can't flounce to go out, can hope to consign in helping outsider ground.
She is urgently just disease next of normal reaction, the in the mind little bit didn't also entertain a hope.
Original sand farmland race course after Ma Hui Di mountain, geography position is very strange.Here in addition to not the race course of distance outside, have no other buildings.Scanning widely to go is all hilltop that the height rises and falls.These hilltops have Gao You Di low, also formed a cave pit.
West shallow language in the door and leaf autumn they are being placed in a cave pit the position of place in, so concealmently geography, in addition to west door to east they know that the younger sister can send a person to seek to come over after disappearing, otherly person which does the meeting arrive here?
But, let she surprise ground BE, at her ground shout voice time for falling in, really someone closes to to the this place.
This is really strangely two person.
Is a wear is multicolored to grow yarn of woman, that cloth is verily special, look light very thin, imitating the Buddha is transparently general.But with the eyesight of west shallow language in the door, since the little bit has never canned see as well she has where walk light.
Woman dimly discernible dust, imitate a Buddha anthropophagi not the firework is general.Could not see her ground step is moving, but be quickly closing to to oneself.West shallow languages in the door can't peg out Chu, she is exactly a fairy or a demon.
However her current circumstance is urgent, also really have no time to consider this problem.
Moreover a men are weirder, west shallow language in the door has been feeling oneself ground the elder brother is Hong Kong's most handsome man, time sometimes play a joke on him, also call he'small white face'.But elder brother and at present this man a ratio, absolutely is gloomy to lose
If be not personally see, she doesn't have way imagination, how can the person grow so perfectly?
Is handsome, good-looking, beautiful, grace, noble-as long as is you can imagine of can use laudatory adjective, can use on her.
It absolutely is the incarnation of perfect absolute being.
"Save me.Bother you-"loins ground the ache waked up with a start shallow language in the still just foolishly western door and also ignored these two people exactly is how of oddness, west shallow language in the door beckons with the hand to plea for help from them.
That woman looks very kind and genial, it is a bad person to be different from, this also made shallow language in the door of west many a bottom spirit.
Let she has never thought of BE, that male's one female's two eccentrics walks to the back of the autumn in front of her and leaf, but the slightest doesn't stretch hand the meaning for rescuing, but as if deep in thought ground the reaction that saw some kind of leaves an autumn after,

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